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As 2012 comes to an end, let’s reflect on some of the big stories that took social media by storm this year.  From Gangham style to Sandy to the election, they all had one important thing in common: content.


“Content marketing” was one of many buzzwords for 2012, and it will only grow in 2013.  As brands try to reach consumers in increasingly fragmented world, it will become vital to share engaging content across platforms.  Gone are the days when an ad was an ad, now marketers need to learn how to leverage new media to post a blog that links to Facebook that reinforces a pictographic that is shared on Twitter.  And oh yeah, take an Instagram so you can Pin it and share it on G+.  Phew!  It sounds exhausting, but it’s an important strategic effort that will lead to more integrated marketing communications to deliver a unified message and consumer experience.

As we go into 2013, keep your ears open for “transmedia storytelling” aka the new “content marketing.”  Currently a hot topic amongst filmmakers and game developers, transmedia storytelling will start to enter the mainstream of marketing in 2013, as brands start to leverage multiple platforms and properties simultaneously in support of the same campaign or goals. In a practical sense, transmedia storytelling for brands will incorporate visual platforms such as Instagram and video into campaigns; more broadly, brands should start to think about gaming and augmented reality.

So, as the year comes to a close and the new one is about to start, think about how you’ll strive to share your content in new and integrated ways.  And if you need a little inspiration, here are 7 content marketing trends to watch for in 2013.