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Tomorrow is Election Day 2012.  After months of being bombarded by political ads (we sympathize with you Abigael) it all comes down to tomorrow.  In the last hours leading up to the election, President Obama and Governor Romney are frantically crisscrossing the country in hopes of swaying those last coveted undecided voters.  At the same time, thousands of us are taking part in our own rallying cries, but from the comfort of our couches.  Whether you prefer to tweet, upload or update, one thing’s for certain: new media is changing the face of politics forever.

In 2008 we saw the impact that social media had on the election—President Obama was able to amass a virtual army that helped carry him to the White House.  Four years later, both men understand the power of social media and the implications it can have on the outcome of the race.  2008 was called the “social media election”, with 1.8 million tweets sent on Election Day… and that now, in 2012, there are 1.8 million tweets sent every six minutes.  More than 39% of adults using social media are using it to talk politics.  What might be considered taboo to talk about at a dinner party is fair game in the online world, and people are taking advantage of it.

Social media has empowered passionate voices on both sides of the debate to share their opinions and mobilize in mass online communities.  From fundraising by text message to watching stump speeches on YouTube, new media offers endless ways to connect, engage, and build online communities with real-world impact.  Just check out some of the stats on social media this time around:

So, no matter if you vote red, blue, green or tie-dye, tomorrow is a chance for us all to exercise our right to cast a ballot for the future of our country.  And for those of you who have the insatiable urge to make your choice publicly known, feel free to partake in Gum Election 2012.